Scott Wilson


It’s a true privilege to photograph someone’s wedding.  My goal is to tell your story by capturing the day as it unfolds. I like to call it moment driven photography, others may refer to it as 'documentary wedding photography' or 'reportage wedding photography'. However you call it, it's about telling it like it is. Capturing those fleeting moments and not being dependent on just the pretty, just the details. I really pride myself on the anticipation of those moments and to be there to capture them without staging or interrupting. Have a look at my wedding portfolio to see some of my favourite recent images. Alternatively, you can view my blog to see some of my latest work.

A bit about me: I grew up in Nova Scotia, Canada, where I was fortunate to live in a small town surrounded by lakes and forests. I have a natural curiosity of my surroundings and can see humour in everyday life. With that, I’m all a-boot reinforcing as many Canadian stereotypes as I can. Easy-going, plaid-wearing, polite, and knowing, and ensuring that you know, the names of all famous Canadians. Having served 12 years with the Canadian and British Armies, from Montreal to the Midlands to Kandahar, I bring the respect, hard work and professionalism I learned in the military to my photography business. I start early and finish late, until the job is done.

I love to travel and will take on a limited number of destination weddings away from Bristol. I was the photographer for destination weddings in France, Canada and Wales (does that count!?) and would love to photograph a wedding in Iceland someday – my favourite place to visit!


Please don't hesitate to contact me for further information: info@lifeinfocusphotography.co.uk

Scott Wilson