How would you describe your style of Photography?

I use a documentary, photojournalistic approach throughout the day, capturing the moments as they unfold. I'm always in on the action but out of the way. I would never interrupt a moment to get a shot, and I won't have your guests jump up and down or do synchronised waving for a photo. In addition, I mix in fine-art creativity throughout the day to reflect all the effort and creativity that you put in to your wedding.


Will you still get some formal photos of our families?

Of course! Everyone is looking their best and it would be a shame not to get some family pictures. I will try to limit this time, however, to 15 minutes or so as I feel that is all that is needed to get these shots. This way, everyone can get back to having fun and you can get back to catching up with all your guests.


Are you insured?

Yes. I have both public liability and professional indemnity insurance. The former protects you and your guests if someone were to trip on my camera bag and fall, for example. The latter protects you for any negligent act or failure to respect the duty of care I have as a professional photographer. That said, I always use two cameras and both cameras write to two memory cards simultaneously, practically negating the risk of lost data. In addition, all of your images are backed up to cloud storage as well as an off-site physical drive.

What equipment do you use?

I use two full-frame cameras and a variety of fast prime and zoom lenses. I keep a backup camera and also have backup lenses and flashes in the car just in case. Although many will claim that it is not about the gear, I would argue that it is essential for wedding photography that you have fast glass and cameras capable of focusing in low light.

What if you have an emergency and cannot photograph our wedding?

I am part of several wedding industry networking groups and have a list of photographers who shoot in a similar style to my own. If an emergency arises, I would be able to find a replacement and your plans and expectations would not be affected, however this has never happened before.

What if it is raining all day?

This doesn't change a thing for me. You'll continue to have a great day and I'll be there to photograph it. My gear is waterproof and my clothes will dry.


I love your photos, but are these just the best ones? How about seeing an entire wedding?

Good point; it's one thing to see half a dozen great images from a wedding, but I think it is more important to see consistent quality throughout the day. I'd be happy to show you entire galleries by CLICKING HERE and getting in touch.

How long will it take to view my photos?

I will have your online gallery ready in approximately 3 weeks. If you choose to have an album made, it takes 4 weeks for it to be made once the order is placed.

Do I have to feed you?

Absolutely not. You've spent enough on your wedding without having to feed me! That said, some couples do provide a meal and I'll certainly find a home if so! 

Do I need to buy your album or can I make my own?

You can use the images to make your own album if you choose. The edited images will be provided on a USB drive and are in high-resolution, suitable for printing or album design. One thing to bear in mind is that the album producer I use, Folio Albums (along with all the other best album manufacturers), only deals with professional photographers so you would not be able to get one of these. Also, it's all too easy to have the intention of creating an album yourself to save money, but you'll likely have other priorities as newlyweds so I would encourage you to get one made. I use colour calibrated monitors and printer profiles to ensure quality from screen to print, plus I have access to design software not available to the general public. There are still lots of good DIY options out there, however, and I have seen some nice albums so could suggest one if you choose this route.