The Best Documentary Wedding Photography is About People, Relationships, Connections.

Anybody can photograph a cake or the signing of the register. My goal is to capture those special 'moments between moments' that document the natural, fun, and real connections between people - the images that tell the unique story of your wedding day. I do this through observation, anticipation and engagement. There is a huge difference between staged or posed pictures to those that are captured unobtrusively. These are the moments that will be treasured for generations to come.

Documentary, reportage, photojournalism – A photography style that uses images to tell a story. It’s my job to be 100% engaged to my surroundings. I don’t hide at a distance during a wedding; I get inside the wedding and photograph from a guest’s perspective. By interacting with people, and not being a fly-on-the-wall, they behave naturally and really don’t notice I’m taking pictures at all. Clients and guests often comment that they didn’t even notice I was there during the wedding. As humbling as that may sound, it’s exactly what I strive for when photographing weddings.

My Approach to wedding photography.

Below you will find a collection of some of my favourite wedding photos from the past five years. They are presented in the order of the day and will hopefully provide you with an insight on my approach to photographing your wedding day. Starting things off, I find it important that any documentary wedding photographer should photograph the getting ready part of the day. It really helps to set the tone of the day for me and allows key members of the wedding to get used to being photographed; they soon forget I’m even there. It also gives me the chance to get to know people at the wedding and to start to identify characters, of which there are always a few!

At the heart of any wedding is, of course, the ceremony.

There are some key shots that any professional photographer will capture like the entrance of the bride, the first kiss and the confetti, but there are also many tender and funny moments taking place throughout so my focus is not just on those ‘key shots’, but rather to keep my eyes and ears open for all that is happening around me.

Photographing from inside the wedding.

I don’t sit back during the less formal parts of the day but rather seek out those funny, tender, natural and unexpected moments. In fact, it’s my job to be 100% engaged to my surroundings. I don’t hide at a distance during a wedding; I get inside the wedding and photograph it from a guest’s perspective. By interacting with you and your guests, and not being a fly-on-the-wall, I’m accepted as a welcomed guest so people behave naturally and really don’t notice I’m taking pictures at all.

I don’t stop during the wedding breakfast either. Well, that’s not totally true, I’ll certainly take a pit stop to refuel while people are eating, but it’s a great time to capture the details and of course photographing the speeches.

Moments between moments.

Some of my favourite images come from those moments between moments. These wedding photographs come at times that don’t have a defined point on the schedule yet are truly what make each wedding unique.

Although I consider myself to be a reportage wedding photographer, where being unobtrusive, observing and storytelling are my priorities, I also photograph more ‘formal’ pictures when asked. I don’t insist on getting them or take hours doing them, but I will find the best location and light and keep them happy and fun so that you can get back to your wedding. I’ve noticed in some UK wedding blogs that there seems to be a trend of photographing couples on top of a mountain, where the bride and groom are so small in the frame that you can barely recognise them. Unless you’re very tiny people or you’re actually having your wedding on top of said mountain, I am probably not the best photographer for you.  It’s your wedding day, not a magazine photoshoot.

The first dance and party.

I love this part of the day. I like to stay for a while after the first dance until the party is in full swing to get some great shots of you and your guests.

The details.

I’ve left this section until the end of the gallery as I don’t think they are the best reflection of what a documentary wedding photographer is all about. That said, when I do photograph the details, I try to capture them in context, not by hanging your wedding dress from a tree in the forest. As nice as the images may be, they’re simply not going to be the memories you’re going to be looking back on in 20 years so I tend not to spend too much time on them unless asked to do so.

Well, that is how I like to photograph weddings. Thank you for taking the time to look through my gallery and please have a look at my recent work here or get in touch to find out if I'm available to photograph your wedding.