Wedding Photography Gloucestershire | Outdoor Wedding UK

This was supposed to be an entirely outdoor wedding for Kelly and Dave; they both love adventure travel and the outdoors, so what better way to celebrate their wedding than outdoors at this beautiful farm set in the Gloucestershire countryside near Stroud.

Keeping in mind that this is the UK and having a purely outdoor wedding is a bit of a risk, they did have a plan B in the form of a marquee set up in the field if need be. As it did rain, hard, all day, it was a good thing they had the marquee set up...until it blew away at 5am the morning of the wedding, that is. And that brings us to plan C, the barn which still had a few animals in it - which was never really supposed to be a plan at all.

It worked out brilliantly, of course, with family and friends helping to bring it together for a really amazing and memorable wedding. The icing on the cake came around 8pm, when the rain lifted and we were left with a stunning sunset and double rainbow - making for some great wedding photography in Gloucestershire!

Thank you again to Kelly and Dave for allowing me to be part of your special day!