Tortworth Court Wedding Photographer | Pre-Visualization in Reportage Wedding Photography

Reportage wedding photography is not just passively capturing moments as they unfold. Besides capturing the decisive moment itself, a good documentary wedding photographer is always looking out for clean backgrounds, good light, and funny/interesting compositions as well. The photo below is a good example of pre-visualization in wedding photography. I saw the painting early on in the day and thought it would make a great element in a picture. I needed someone in the frame with a hat to sit in the chair next to the painting. A big ask, I know, but this was a hat-tastic wedding at Tortworth Court, near Bristol, so I figured the odds were half decent. I had the final image of what I wanted to achieve and logged it alongside my other pre-planned images. But, being a reportage wedding photographer, I didn't want to ask someone to sit there and pose for me as it wouldn't be natural or a true recording of the day. If it doesn't work out, it doesn't work out. Move on to the next shot. I did manage to photograph a few wedding guests near the painting, but they weren't wearing hats so didn't quite work for me. At the very end of the evening, it finally came together and with this frame I got the shot I was after (I even got the colours matching with the cat!).

For photographers: it was dark! Image taken on Nikon D750 at ISO 12800. Incredible camera for low-light photography!