The Wedding Details | Wedding Photography in Somerset

The wedding details; the little things that make your wedding unique, fun, quirky and personal. You've spent hours researching wedding dresses, table centers, flowers and countless other items so you're definitely going to want to get a few photos of them. When I photograph weddings, I'm always on the lookout for all the special details throughout the day. Although they are an important part of the day, it's never been my focus to dedicate hours photographing the details as I feel it would take me away from the action, the emotion and the candid photos that I'm always striving to capture. I generally don't touch the details throughout the day, and I don't stage elaborate ring shots. I prefer to photograph the details as they are and where they are and find the best detail shots are those that have context to them, such as the image below. The dress was hanging in the background with the bride getting her makeup done in the foreground. Instead of photographing the dress on it's own, I decided to use a shallow depth of field to blur the foreground with the dress in focus. Attention is still drawn to the detail shot of the wedding dress, but the foreground action keeps in line with my storytelling approach to weddings.