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John and Sarah | Wedding Photographer Thornbury

Wedding Photographer Thornbury

This was an absolute blast of a wedding to photograph! Although it wasn’t my first time as a wedding photographer in Thornbury, this one had a nice local touch to it with most of the guests originating from Thornbury. The Thornbury wedding venue used was a a beautifully decorated marquee on some of the family’s land. It had some of the best speeches I’ve heard in a while and some afternoon dancing normally reserved for the end of the night!

I had such a great time as their wedding photographer Thornbury; thanks so much again to John and Sarah for amazing day!

Destination Wedding | Loire Region, France

Here's a little throwback to my very first wedding that I photographed. I still love this image from that rainy wedding in France so thought I'd dive into the archives on this rainy afternoon.

I used to work for Catherine at the British Museum as their event photographer so knew her quite well and she enjoyed the work I produced. When she asked if I photographed weddings, I said that I hadn't but that I would approach it in the same documentary style that they expected of me from their events, capturing the essence of the event without bothering the patrons of the museum.

I agreed to photograph their wedding knowing very little about where or what was going to happen. It just so happens that the wedding was going to take place at the family estate in the French Countryside! My very first wedding was going to be a destination wedding, happy days! With bags packed and a quick hop across the channel, I was picked up at the airport in Tours and taken by 4x4 cross country, in the dark, to my room for the night. Although it was a bit wet during the day, the intimate wedding with their close friends and family was certainly one I'll always remember. 

Orchardleigh House Wedding Photography

A couple of years ago I was asked by a friend and fellow photographer to assist at this very large Orchardleigh House wedding. I've been the Bath wedding photographer on a number of occasions but this was my first wedding at Orchardleigh House - and what a venue it was! Here are a few pictures from that day, where I was focusing more on the groom prep and guests as the other photographer captured the formal and group pictures.

Maunsel House Wedding Photographer | Reportage Wedding Photographer Bristol

I was lucky enough to be the Maunsel House Wedding Photographer at this stunning wedding venue in South West England. Please get in touch if you're looking for a reportage wedding photographer near Bristol or throughout the South West.

Maunsel House Wedding Photographer
Maunsel House Wedding Venue South West
Reportage Wedding Photographer Bristol
Maunsel House Wedding Photography
Reportage Wedding Photographer Bristol
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