A Cotswolds Wedding Reception | Why I Love Reportage

Reportage wedding photography is all about capturing moments and producing amazing images without staging. Reportage goes beyond the simple snapshot; the photographer still considers the principles of photography (lighting, composition, etc) all the while telling a story and being creative in the process. This picture was taken at a wedding in the Cotswolds during the evening reception. The boy's father was swinging him around and they were having a great time together. I happened to be nearby so I shouldered up to the father and spun around with them for a couple of seconds, firing off 20 or so images on rapid fire. It was pretty fast paced and I was lucky enough to get one shot in focus out of all them. Although my Nikon D750 has brilliant autofocus, this was a one handed, over the shoulder shot on manual focus with a small aperture. They obviously knew I was there whilst photographing, but I was in and got the shot so quick that it didn't affect the moment and sense of fun that otherwise would have been lost had I asked them to set this up for me.


Country House Weddings | Somerset Wedding Photographer

This is one of those Country House Somerset wedding venues that is so out of the way that most people (myself) included drove straight past it. The Grange hotel in Somerset was a great backdrop to photograph this intimate wedding; here is a quick preview.