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Ham Polo Club // Kate & Gord // Wedding Photographer London

I had such a great time building this blog post, reliving Kate and Gord's amazing wedding through Twickenham and Richmond in London. The effort and attention to detail involved, from decorating the path to the river boat through Twickenham, through to the choreographed first dance, were truly impressive.

Ham Polo Club was a great host for the reception with excellent food and service throughout the night. Huge thanks to Kate and Gord once again and feel free to leave some comments below!

Twickenham Wedding Photographer // Kate & Gord at Ham Polo Club

Kate and Gord's magical wedding day took us through Twickenham on foot, buggy, boat and bus to a truly remarkable reception at the Ham Polo Club. It was such a great day to spend with two wonderful friends whose love and laughter were truly contagious. Here is a quick preview from Saturday.