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Bath in Fashion // Spring Summer 2014


Bath in Fashion 2014 showcasing the Spring Summer 2014 collections from all the high street retailers including Henry Hunt, French Connection, Marks and Spencer and Oasis. As a wedding and event photographer in Bristol, Bath in Fashion kindly had me along to photograph their fashion shows this year. As fashion show images go to 'print' right after the shows, correct white balance, exposure and edit-in skills (vs edit-out) are especially critical. Wedding or corporate photography is generally shot in RAW format which, if I'm honest, can sometimes save your behind.

London Event Photography || British Museum Friends

With Michael Palin, of course... Tuesday morning saw the opening of a brand new gallery at the British Museum, featuring remains from the burial ship discovered at Sutton Hoo, Suffolk, as well as many other pieces from Europe, AD 300-1100. The event photography briefing was to focus on several key attendees and to capture them interacting with curators and exploring the gallery. My style of event photography coverage tends to avoid the 'grip and grin' shots in favour of more natural interactions between subjects, which is exactly what most of my clients are after, coincidentally. The images are to be published in the British Museum's annual review as well as for general marketing/PR.

London Event Photographer || British Museum Vikings

The highlight from Monday's members' evening was the brand new Viking exhibition. Along with dozens of smaller artifacts, the exhibition included a full size replica of a 37m long viking ship rebuilt with wood from an actual viking ship. The event photography briefing included coverage of members examining the display items in the Viking exhibition, the newly refurbished restaurant, the Viking weaponry display, as well as the hands on displays. The exhibition drew one of the largest crowds yet for a members' evening.

(As an aside for any photographers, I had the new Nikon D4S on loan and it performed remarkably; the image of the ship below is shot at ISO 11400!)

I really enjoyed the buzz of the evening and was really pleased with how the new camera performed...now off to get a lottery ticket.

London Event Photography


Snoop Dogg, eat your heart out! This is the ultimate chalice. 

I had the pleasure of covering a recent event at the British Museum in London which featured the Lacock Cup, a £1.3 million, 400 year old silver cup, along with the staff and donors to the museum. It was a rare opportunity to get hands on with a stunning piece of English craftsmanship. The well catered event featured presentations from staff and curators in addition to the display; the client wanted a mix of formal and documentary event photography for external marketing and internal newsletters.