Wedding Photographer Somerset | Portishead and Clevedon Hall

This shot is what wedding photography is all about for me. Although the bride walking down the aisle should be on every wedding photographer's shot list, it doesn't always result in such an emotional moment with such fantastic lighting. It's often said that a documentary wedding picture has three elements to consider: lighting, composition and storytelling. A good picture will have two of those elements, a great picture will have all three. That look on the bride's face, the proud father, the side and back lighting, and the framing of guests on either side - all three elements that, in my biased opinion, go together for a great wedding photograph.

The ceremony for this wedding took place at St Peter's Church in Portishead, with the reception at Clevedon Hall in Somerset. Check back with Clevedon Hall wedding photographer Scott Wilson for the full blog post from this beautiful Somerset wedding.