Best of 2015 | Documentary Wedding Photographers

Part two of my best of 2015 documentary wedding photographers. Here are some more of my wedding photography favourites including a castle wedding in South West England near Clevedon, a Central Bristol castle wedding, and a seaside castle wedding in Cornwall. Documentary wedding photographers are all about capturing the day as it unfolds without interrupting, posing, staging or otherwise taking over your wedding day. The resulting candid wedding pictures naturally capture the emotion and moments of the day. I've seen first hand how some so called documentary wedding photographers operate - staging, guiding, directing and taking over the day in order to achieve 'natural' moments. The last thing I'd want is for you to have to explain to your family and friends that all those 'natural' moments were actually set up by the photographer.

Most of my wedding photography clients tell me that they didn't even know I was there; yet, looking back on the wedding pictures, are blown away by how I'm seemingly everywhere at the same time. Anticipation and observation of moments is key, but respect and empathy also play a role, not interrupting precious moments and giving you space when needed - it's about you and your loved ones on your wedding day, not about adding to my wedding portfolio.

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