Corporate Photography Bristol

board member final RGB.jpg

I was recently sent to Amsterdam to photograph the board members of a very large credit insurance firm for their annual report. The marketing department had said that the images from their photographers in previous years had been a bit too formal; they were looking to inject a bit of fun into this year's report. Although the brief I gave them was that they were to be looking at the year-to-date financial figures, the laptop was actually showing laughing baby/sneezing panda/dramatic chipmunk from youtube on loop. Works every time. Along with the group shot, we did a number of individual portraits of the board members as well as the marketing department.

Stock photographs are generic images purchased from a stock library and are used more and more often to fill copy space in reports and on websites. This company wanted to create it's own 'stock' type images using their own people and logo. I think this is a great idea as the images can still be used throughout their on and offline media but still have that personal touch.